Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hot Mama

Dear hubby has pulled out a card that I have never seen him play..."Babe, why don't you go out and spend some money to buy some clothes that will make you feel hot again." (And he didn't mean august-in-south-carolina hot...he meant super-sexy-wifey-with-a-little-bit-of-sass-that-i-married hot). Obviously he knew that I was feeling a little frustrated with my look these days.

Now, if you're a Berry woman or a pastor's wife or living on one salary while you stay home with the kids, you know beyond all doubts that if you hear your husband say that you,

1) Check to see if you're sleeping. Slap yourself or give yourself a good pinch to make sure this isn't some wonderful dream that you'll soon be woken out of by the sound of the baby screaming through the monitor.

2) Once you make sure that you are actually living this experience out, don't ask questions. Especially if they have the words "limit" or "budget" in them.

3) Run, don't walk, to the car. Cell phone in hand, set up the babysitter last minute who will take care of precious baby girl so you can shop ALONE! (Note: this is almost as wonderful as the fact that you have permission to shop in the first place).

4) Once the baby is dropped off and the car is parked and you've actually made it into the store do not, I repeat...DO NOT go over to the baby/kids/mens section. Whatever you do. This is not time to shop for them. It's time for you. Even if you see something out of the corner of your eye that would be just precious on your little one...resist the temptation.

5) If you're like me and still can't get those last 15 pounds to drop, don't fool yourself by going for your pre-baby size. If you fit into your pre-baby clothes, you wouldn't have to be here in the first place. You have plenty of wonderful and practically brand-new pre-baby clothes that are waiting for you to fit in them. Notice I said "fit" not "squeeze into ever so uncomfortably". Go ahead and throw out all thoughts of sizes...just figure out what looks right on your now, ahem...different, more mature, body.

6) If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Sometimes it takes a few trips around a store/mall/outlet center to find that right combination of cute, classy, and good-fitting. Don't be afraid to do one last once-over after you hand all of your clothes back to the fitting room attendant with a curt, "Not this time" to her "did everything work for you?" question.

7) Make sure to give hubby a fun fashion show with your new digs. Even if it's just one new shirt, let him know how great you feel for having the freedom to shop. (Don't forget to pick up that baby, too!)

I know he doesn't actually read our blog, but I want to thank my hubby for allowing me some fun girly shop time this week. It was much needed and appreciated!

Note: No budgets were harmed in this experiment. Gift cards and other sources of income were used to help purchase new clothing. Likewise, there will be an expected small revenue expected from the eventual sale of these clothing items at a garage sale as hopefully they will be too big for the author to wear anymore.

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Huckaby Fam said...

Amen, sister!