Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning Sickness is a misnomer.

It starts in the morning...when I open my eyes I get that carsick feeling. If I make the mistake of jumping out of bed (because of an alarm or full bladder or any other reason), it's definitely worse. When I get out slowly and eat a cup of granny-smith no sugar added applesauce, I'm usually okay for a little while. As the day progresses it's necessary for me to have something on my stomach. Usually, this is the applesauce. I've become a connesieur of the stuff.

For the first few weeks, I kept it down...nothing overt to show off my morning sickness. Then, just as it should have been subsiding, WHAM! Worship the porcelin goddess. Morning, afternoon, night...it can happen at any time. My favorite places to throw up so far have been on a plane, sitting in the middle seat with little airflow in the section containing my aisle between two men, one about 500 pounds (he truly was precious, though...telling me all about his grandkids as I stole his barf bag)...the Fuller library just before it closes after I tried to eat homemade chicken curry for lunch (used to be a favorite of mine, now it's just....tainted) with the lady who cleans up the bathroom coaching me through the process and waiting for me with a papertowel and some encouragement.

Anyway, I might mention that I cry EVERY time I throw up...it's involuntary and inevitable. So then you can add runny mascara and messed up makeup.

So, I just need to know WHO is the IDIOT that came up with the name MORNING sickness? It's like calling all jeans Levis. I don't like it, at all...not the name or the sickness.

What I do like is having a reason for why I'm feeling so bad....it's not just the stomach flu going around. I can imagine what my little one is doing...how he or she is developing, what it will feel like to hold the baby...Yep, it's all worth it. Hopefully the sickness will cease in a couple of weeks, but until then I'll keep my airsick bag and toothbrush handy, stay away from curry, and keep my fingers crossed that I'll be close to a toilet at all times.