Thursday, February 28, 2008

Falls Park Pics

Brandon's day off has always been Monday and for that reason, I have come to LOVE Mondays. We always have such a wonderful time hanging out together, cooking a big breakfast, getting some family prayer and worship in, and then usually doing some sort of 'date'. These days, it's usually with Ella because we're not yet in to the babysitter-who's-not-related thing...probably for cash-flow reasons more than anything! :)

This Monday was beautiful, but at 2pm we were still in our PJ's! So we decided to get a move on, and enjoy the day properly. We soon found ourselves with 1/2 off Happy Hour Sonic Cherry Limeades strolling through Falls Park in downtown with camera and beautiful baby in hand. Date day was ON, baby! WooWoo!


Hope Bray said...

OOOH! Ya'll are such a cute family!!!

Anonymous said...

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