Friday, May 12, 2006

Lots of Changes for the Berrys

Hey y'all,
Sorry it's been so long since our last post. Things have been crazy busy here, but I think we're going to make it.

We made it home for Spring Break to help out around the house and give some support to Mom and Dad after Mom's scare in the hospital. This was really sweet time for all of us. See 'Updates' for more detailed information.

Getting back to school and ministry, we felt like we were jumping right in. It was a time of a lot of prayer and reflection as well. We have been praying about our future here in Pasadena...

The hard facts are that Mom is sick and we are 3,000 miles away. This has brought on much stress to us being so far away. It's hard not to be close enough to see them, to be there when they need us the most. We've been praying about the situation, and feel as if God is calling us back to the Southeast so that we may be a physical presence alongside our family during this time.

We plan on finishing up the school year and then taking our five-week trip to Israel/Palestine for vacation/study/missions in June and early July. After we return, I will take two intensive classes at Fuller while Brandon packs up our apartment and prepares for the move. We will then head back across the country (hopefully with some fun stops along the way) and will probably be in Greenville, SC. From there, Brandon will work full time and I will be finishing my school full time online and via distance learning while making short trips down to Columbia to spend time with Mom, help out around the house, etc...

Although this is a big change, we are excited about what God is going to do in and through us as we are obedient to Him. Leaving the Dream Center and Angelus Temple is going to be hard, but we feel like God has shown us so much already there, and that in a year's time, we have really had a chance to be very hands-on. That will be valuable experience that we will carry on with us into our next phase of life. We still feel as if God is keeping us in a preparation period, so that He might mold and make us into His likeness, ready to do His will.

Your prayers are welcomed and coveted during our time of transition.