Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Taste of Home

What a great day today was. After waking up and spending sweet time with the Lord, Brandon and I headed over to the Dream Center. There we met up with some friends from home...Jodi Felty and Josh Surratt. Jodi is the missions and outreach director at Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant. Josh is the small groups pastor there as well. They were in CA for a Saddleback P.E.A.C.E. confererence and afterwards spent some time with us. What a refreshing time of fellowship. There's just something about sharing our new lives with old friends that makes things even more special. What a great time for God to remind us of His faithfulness to us as we have been able to tell story after story of the adventures He's taken us on, the way He has provided for us, and the direction He is leading us towards. And what a wonderful way to hear about what He is doing in and through the church that I've loved, attended and served in for the last few years. Man, it was just so great. We got to share the Dream Center with them and take them on a tour. Josh had been before with his dad, but this was Jodi's first time, and she loved it. We went to our home and spent time together in our new town, eating, talking, sharing ideas and testimonies to God's goodness. I just feel filled up (and it's not just all the wonderful food we ate at the Cheesecake factory). Brandon and I have been so blessed with wonderful, encouraging people in our lives. We thank God for each of you who mean so much to us.

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karen said...

Oh my goodness - it is my fault for being so out of the loop, but I did not realize you guys were at the Dream Center in L.A.! My boyfriend now lives in San Diego so I've been frequenting the west coast this summer. It's so beautiful (especially San Diego) but last time I was out there we were going to try and make it to the Dream Center, but couldn't fit it all in. I am so happy that you are there and have these opportunities to serve God while studying! I'm not sure when I'll be out there next (I'm still mad Josh, Geoff and Jodi didn't invite me to join them) but I will have to meet up with you guys if possible. Great to find your blog and hear about what you've been up to!