Wednesday, September 28, 2005

School Daze

So Monday was our first day in class. We started the day with breakfast and an 8am class time. Brandon commented how in undergrad he never really got to class early (this is as we were approaching our classrooms at 7:45). Funny how things change.

We have enough homework to last us the semester already. I think we're going to have to figure out what of the assignments is SUPER IMPORTANT, and what is simply "important". I guess it's all going to make sense some day.

We've been hanging out in the library. Actually, in the basement of the library where Brandon got 'shhshed' in broken English by another student as he was trying to pronounce his Greek. Speaking Greek, I mean, speaking OF Greek, Brandon came up with a catchy song to learn his Greek alphabet. We've enjoyed singing it together. What other wife would learn Greek just to help out her hubby? Actually, probably a lot of them.

Today, I met with two girls from class to do a project. We had to pretend that we are Martians, and go to a public place (we chose the main gathering area on campus) and observe the people. We wrote down lots of stuff like: "Why do some of them wear protection on their feet, while others only have straps?" and "What are some of them doing with these tin cans up to their ears? Are they getting energy from that? Maybe they are relaying information back to their leader." Anyway, it was a pretty fun project, and we are going to meet again and write a paper (they are really big on papers here in seminary) about our findings and hypothesis. If it's any good, I may share a bit with you.

Well, I would love to stay on this and share my thoughts, but what do you know...I have some more reading to do!

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