Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Make Room for the Broom

We were working over at the Dream Center the other day, and there were about 200 students from Pepperdine helping us. All of the sudden (as suddenly as 200 people can possibly disappear), they were gone. Where did they go? Brandon went to look for them, and found them in the gym getting ready to go on Adopt-A-Block. We were not able to go that weekend because of all the donations, and it was really great that they got a chance to experience that kind of outreach. Anyway...so Brandon went into the gym and there was a guy speaking to the volunteers. He was up front along with two girls. One girl was holding a broom up in the air. The other girl was holding a microphone. This man, Jason Hamlin, (who, by the way has an amazing ministry feeding the poor all over the world), was speaking so passionately that Brandon had to stay and listen. Pointing to the broom, Jason said,
"The kingdom of God is about THIS!" (pause)
"But we think it's about this" (points to the microphone).
"So many people want this" (microphone), "but are not willing to become acquainted with THIS" (broom).
"God wants you to know how to use THIS (broom) and MAYBE after you learn how to use it, He may give you the opportunity to use this (microphone), BUT ONLY so that you can point people back to THIS!"

It's so simple, but so true. Our society today wants to be successful so quickly. We want to rise to the top, or rather, start out on the top. Very few emerging young leaders understand the concept of "Make Room for the Broom", and yet, some of the greatest leaders in history have been SERVANT LEADERS.

It's our prayer that if God ever gives us the microphone, that we will already be well acquainted with the broom...that we will know how to serve, how to be in the trenches, how to do the jobs that don't get any glory...we pray that God would keep us out of the spotlight so that He can develop us as we humble ourselves and do the dirty work. Then, and only then, will we have something to share with others.

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