Thursday, September 22, 2005


A lot of friends and family have asked how school is going. Quite simply, it isn't yet. We began New Student Orientation this week, and have really enjoyed the time getting to know other students, faculty and staff at Fuller. Brandon, who is beginning the Masters of Divinity program, is planning on taking Greek, Greek, and more Greek this term (it's ALL Greek to him). Nicole, who is pursuing a Masters in Cross Cultural studies with an emphasis on Leadership Development, is taking two classes on cross cultural communication and transformation, and one class entitled Lifelong Leadership Development. The professors in the School of Intercultural Studies (affectionately known as SIS--everything here has an abbreviation) are dynamic and have so much experience on the mission field. Even after the introductory sessions, she feels that this is EXACTLY where she is supposed to be. Classes start on Monday.

As for making friends...well, anyone who knows us knows that we jumped right on that! Generally, people from California are...different from our Southern friends back home. Maybe a little more reserved. And it's funny to get made fun of for our accents (what accents?). But usually, it's a good ice breaker if nothing else. We have made a couple of young married friends. One couple from church is a candidate for lifelong friendship...We really hit it off with them, and look forward to seeing what God does in the relationship. We also really enjoy getting to know Slyvia, Sandy and Craig. They came in from Pheonix to help out with the Katrina relief at the Dream Center. We have all worked closely together for about 2 weeks straight. We have been able to really get to know them, and they are some of the most wonderful, hard working, committed people ever! What a blessing they have been to us. During Fuller orientation we have not been able to help out at the Dream Center, and though we don't miss the used clothes, dust, and sun beating down on us, we do miss interacting with them and serving beside them.

Mainly, we are really excited to discover that with each passing day, WE become better friends. Our time together has been extensive in the last two months, and we are so glad to see God's hand in it as He binds us closer together daily. The other day when Brandon went to the SOT (School of Theology) and Nicole went to the SIS, we really missed each other. We know that our situation has been an anomaly lately, and we're ready to get on with real life, but we have taken full advantage of our quality time together.

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