Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have to admit that as a stay at home Mom, I have come to love the connection that I have with others through blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. Sometimes it's my ONLY connection to the outside world, the adult world, or the "real" world. I love the fact that I can keep up with long lost friends, faraway family, and people I do life with daily at the click of a mouse. I can enjoy watching my friends' kids grow up on uploaded videos and pics. I can show off my own kids with others, too.

But there are some things that I'm not a big fan of when it comes to Facebook. Here's a video that captures my sentiments. (Except the old people one...my kids' grandparents are on FB, and I'm glad it gives them a little fix in between visits.)

Enjoy and let me know what you love/hate about Facebook!

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Matt and Brooke said...

I love that you can see other people's profiles now without being friends with them if they haven't clicked on that certain "show to only friends" button. sneaky! And I do like hearing your funny stat updates.