Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daniel Fast Day 21

Well, it's the last day. At sundown, my Daniel Fast will be over. I'm not planning on going overboard when the clock strikes to end my fast, but I will probably try to stop by and get a chai or coffee before we head over to RWOC for our Defining Your Child's Destiny parenting class.

I'm still expecting God to meet with me today in a deep, intimate way. And even after the fast, I look forward to a richer relationship with my Creator.

During the fast I feel:
* I have gotten closer to the Lord. I have been able to hear Him more clearly and see Him more readily in situations than I had previously.
* My spirit hungered for God more than before. If a day went by without some deep communion with Him, I really felt it.
* I've had a great success in making my body submit to my spirit. I haven't really cheated, which (honestly) is a surprise to me. This was a huge victory to me. I feel like my body is not addicted to sugar and high-fat foods like it was during the holidays. Hopefully this will translate into better eating habits for the future.
* My mind is clearer, and I feel healthier. Also, I've lost a few pounds, and my clothes fit better.
*I've had breakthroughs in prayer points and have seen God work mightily on my behalf.



Ms. Nicole, how inspiring.
Thank you so much for sharing. I know the power of fasting and have seen God move in my life when I have submitted completely to the fast.

But these days, it seems so much harder. Maybe because the breakthrough will be more significant.

I stand in agreement with you for more of God, a break through in the Teen ministry. But I also pray that His glory shines through more than ever in 2010.


Lauren Blake said...

that great nicole I am so proud of you and so is your Abba Daddy!