Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This Really Takes Me To The Edge...

So recently we decided to bite the bullet and actually pay for internet. In the past we had gone in with some apartment neighbors on a really strong signal and split the cost. When we moved into the apartments in Greenville, we couldn't figure out who it was but someone had a signal that we could get on every once in a while if we really needed it. I also was able to go into work early to use the internet and would also frequent Port City Java with my laptop after work so I could finish my online classes at Fuller. It was a bit of running around, but I managed. I actually figured that it by the time I had to buy something at Port City Java 3 times a week, (you know, it says FREE WI-FI, but they give you funny looks if you just set up there without buying one of the $3+ items on their menu...) we could be paying for a monthly internet connection AND helping me watch my waistline (which at the time was ever expanding because of the baby inside!).

Anyway, after the baby was born, I was going to library a lot and just got to the point where it was too much. We needed it here at the house. Brandon told me to do some research and see if we could find a deal (shocker, right?). I did...an unbelievable deal, in fact. High speed internet and basic cable (we did the rabbit ears and got 2 channels somewhat clear) for $19.99/month/12 months.

Awesome. We signed up for it.

How many of you know that it's been two months, and neither of our bills have looks like $19.99?

The first was $105...they added all these charges and craziness to it. Brandon called, talked to someone for 15 minutes and said they took it off. We got another bill a week later $113. What? I called and talked to someone for 25 minutes. I thought that it was taken care of and paid the balance that the rep and I agreed on. I even had a confirmation number. The last bill I got apparently wasn't clued into the fact that WE HAVE ALREADY TAKEN CARE OF THESE CHARGES! It was $55. The same charges we had worked so hard to get off were still there.

I called. I waited. I took a deep breath.

And then I got a very pleasant woman whom I could not understand. Not a word out of her mouth was easy on my ears.

Now, I love foreign people. Seriously. I just paid something like $50k to learn about other cultures/people groups/languages and how to communicate effectively with them in seminary. But what really takes me to the edge of insanity is that I am trying to take care of issues with someone who isn't even in the same time zone...on the same continent.

I spent 32 minutes on the phone repeating over and over what I wanted. And it was like I was talking to a brick wall. Finally I got to the point that I thought I may be anointed with the gift of cursing. I refrained. I asked to speak with a supervisor. And waited.

Just as she was transferring me and asked me 12 more times if there was anything else she could do for me (WHAT? NO!!!), she went to transfer me and I got a weird busy signal.

I hung up in disbelief. There was no was in you know where that I was going to call back. My cell phone plan depleted, my anger inflated, my time stolen, my baby practically an orphan for 32 minutes....on top of the other two times we'd tried it.

The $3o some dollars just isn't worth it. I'd rather pay it and be done with dealing with it. I think they have a good thing going here....they have figured us out. Just frustrate the crap out of the customers and they will drop it--the fleecing of America.

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Anonymous said...

We have this sort of thing happen all the time - - with cable, cell phone plans, health insurance (ha!), and even the trash company. It is BEYOND frustrating, and I agree that it is a ploy to make more money off of us! Isn't that a sad commentary?