Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shannon and Skylar

My friend, Shannon Phelps, and I met a couple of years ago in Mt. Pleasant at a mutual friend's birthday party. We hit it off right away, and she asked me if I was into running...she wanted to try to start. So we started meeting after work for running sessions on Daniel Island, and before we knew it, we were tight friends...I guess having long periods of time when we needed to keep talking and listening to keep our minds off the heat or the pain of running paid off for us. Shannon really caught on quick and started training and participating in races, including half and full marathons!

Two years later, Shannon was a bridesmaid in my wedding. Two years after that, we both were pregnant, both expecting little girls.

Shannon's the one on the far right:

Since I've been in Charleston the last few days, I've been looking for ways to release some of the stress that comes with taking care of a sick family member...what better way to do it than to start running again! So, who did I call? You guessed it! My friend Shannon! It was her first run since having her daughter, Skylar. (Though you couldn't tell she had even had a baby...she looks great!)

This isn't the best picture of us, but here we are before our run!

And here are our precious little girls...Ella and Skylar, playing after the run. They are two and a half weeks apart. Shannon got to stay for dinner with the Northrups and we all caught up and played with the babies!

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Surratt Family said...

Hey friends! I am so proud of you and Shannon geting back into running! I too have jumped in full force! i wish you lived in town- we could have a moms on the run group!! Little Ella is beautiful!!!... Another potential for Miles!!how do you feel @ arranged marriages? haha- Maybe when they're 30!! So glad you 3 are well! lisa surratt