Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Been A Doozy of a Week...

Hey y'all. Thanks for all of your love, concern and prayers as we have been in Charleston at MUSC with Mom. For those who haven't yet been updated, Mom went into the ICU on Friday, September 28 for shortness of breath...she got some tests and some rest, and was getting discharged on Monday when something went wrong. An air bubble got into her system and traveled to her brain, resulting in stroke-like symptoms and major swelling. It was touch and go on monday...very scary for all of us, but she made it through. Praise God.

She was put into a drug-induced coma for a couple of days and has come out of that, and off the respirator as well. She was put into her own room on Monday night and will continue with therapy and dr. care for a while.

We have been in Charleston since Monday, October 1, staying with the Northrups here in Mt. Pleasant, which has been a blessing from God.

Please continue to pray for Mom's FULL recovery, for wisdom for the next few weeks on what to do, and for continued endurance for Dad, Brandon and I as we care for her in the hospital.


Here is a picture of Ella with Pappy. She has been a champ throughout this whole process...being in an unfamiliar environment and all...I really couldn't have asked for a better baby...Pappy's been a champ, too! Please continue to keep him in your prayers.


Huckaby Fam said...

Cole: We are praying for you and Brandon, my dear. I am so thankful that Ella has been a good baby through all the changes! You need that so much I know. We are praying for your Mom and Pop too. Please let us know if there are any other ways we can help from afar!

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you Nicole. You sound strong in the Lord in the midst of your troubles. I hope to meet Ella someday soon, maybe when you and Brandon are in Hendersonville. I'm praying for your mother's full recovery.

Elaine Eye Bishop