Thursday, June 18, 2009

Doin' Better

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! Thanks to those of you who called to make sure "just makin' it" wasn't my last post!

Let's see...so much has happened!

Allie: We went through a couple of different treatments for Allie's "cat hair ball" cough. And it went away! Don't know what did the trick, but it's gone, and she's not on anything for it currently. I guess she just grew out of it!

We did have to go to the hospital with her, though. A couple of weeks ago, she woke up with a fever and because she was under 2 months old and they were working on this cough thing, they asked us to come in and get tests done and allow them to monitor her. It really was the best thing for all of us. My in-laws picked up Ella and took her to their home in Hendersonville, NC, and Brandon and I were able to focus on Allie and each other for a whole day. We ended up spending the night, and actually got decent rest considering the sleeping arrangements. They determined it to be a virus, and she was released the next day. Since then, she's been doing great.

Ella: Our big girl started a Mother's Morning Out program 2 times a week which has been WONDERFUL. She loves it, I love it...enough said. She is getting ready to spend a week with her Aunt Pepper and Uncle John in NC while Brandon and I go out of town for a business/pleasure conference trip. She's growing so much and learning so many words, but her favorites right now are "No!" and "mine!" Ahhh...the life of an almost two-year-old.

Brandon: As usual Brandon's busy with work, and loving every minute of it. He is currently getting ready to host the annual youth conference in early August. He has been bringing two new employees up to speed, and they are really great assets to the team. Things seem to be really starting to move in a good direction with the youth ministry. He also just finished a class, Managing Conflicts, and enjoyed it immensly.

Nicole: I am riding around in a new/used Nissan Armada! On a recent trip to see Mom and Dad in Columbia, I was rear-ended while driving the Honda. We had hoped to replace B's truck with a family-sized car, but the Honda was totalled (everyone was okay-both girls were in the car with me). It actually ran fine still, but the bumper work and replacing the trunk would cost more than the car was worth (it was a '95). We ended up getting $325 less than what we paid for it 4 years ago, so we were happy with that. We were also able to give it to a couple that needed some wheels. But all that to say, it made our decision to buy a new car a little more to the forefront of our minds! We were able to get this awesome new SUV from some friends who kept it immaculate! It seriously has every bell and whistle I can imagine...dvd player with cordless headsets, nav system, 6 disc cd changer, sunroof, ipod connection...I could go on. you name it, it's got it. The first time I drove it after we bought it, I cried like a baby for a good 30 minutes. It's just an Ephesians 3:20 kind of car (more than I could have thought of or imagined)! Thank you, Lord!

I have also been working out trying to get my body back in shape. I began a program called P90X with two other girls, and am loving it! Our church just opened a new state-of-the-art gym/workout center, but this P90X thing is keeping my attention for the time being. I took before shots, and will take after shots when I'm done with the program. Hopefully, they'll be good enough to post! I am starting to really feel great. I have more confidence, energy, and peace. I love getting up early in the morning (the workout starts at 6), coming home to a sleeping family, making breakfast, grabbing a shower, and getting some quiet time before the house starts to stir...I am remembering that I really am a morning person.

The Berry family is going on vacation in July, and I'm excited for Ella to enjoy the beach this summer. I've bought Elmo kites and bubbles and toys...I think she's going to have a blast! I'm glad to be starting to make traditions in our family and the memories that go with them!

Well, the baby is done eating so I'm gonna leave it at that!

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Glad you're back to posting! Hope everyone stays healthy for a good long while :)