Friday, May 08, 2009

Just Makin' It

Phew! I'm typing this 1 handed with Allie in the crook of my left (dominant) hand...and I gotta tell ya...this 2 baby stuff ain't easy! Ella loves. loves, LOVES her little sister. She loves hugging her, climbing on her, snuggling with her, seeing if her fingers and toes are REALLY permanently attached, trying out her binkies (pacifiers), swinging in her swing, etc... Sadly, her super proximity to the baby has not been without its ramifications. Despite our attempts to keep both kids healthy, Ella got a cold and then passed it on to her sister. That was last week. This week was pinkeye.

So my infant who had the clear to not have to come back to the pediatrician for a 2 week checkup because she had gained all her birthweight back and was so healthy, has been to the doctor twice since then. Brandon and I have also felt crummy, although we managed to avoid the pinkeye mess.

Poor Allie still sounds like a litte rhino snorting and snuffing and trying to breathe. Her feedings, which were timed about 3 hrs apart, are now much closer because she can't get a full feeding-she has to choose btwn breathing and eating. She keeps gaining weight, but I feel like an open buffet.

But the good news is that we're on the upswing. This won't last forever. I promise...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, guys! It won't last forever (but it sure feels like it will, doesn't it?). I have not forgotten how stressful it was to have my 8-week-old Jaden sick with the RSV that he got from his older brother. Honestly, one of my biggest fears with Judah is him getting sick from his siblings! Having a sick little one is ROUGH! Hang in there. Sometimes it's a triumph to just be making it :)