Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This and That...

My sister-in-law told me I need to update my blog (granted, until this week, her last entry was at the beginning of September, so thank you for pointing out my kettle's blackness, pot). So, since she is the younger, yet probably wiser of the two of us, how can I refuse?

So what's been happening in the Berry household lately?

-We spent a weekend in Boone visiting John and Pepper, along with B's parents. We enjoyed the nice weather, carving pumpkins, and eating at one of their favorite spots...it may be our final trip up there for a while because they are moving to Fayettville, NC to take a new associate pastor position at this church. Our pumpkin made it all of 5 days before having to get chunked in the garbage because of the unseasonably warm weather we had here in October.

-It finally got cooler, and we're really loving the fall colors. I can't help but say out loud, "oh, that one's pretty" everytime I'm out and about. I really need to get our family out there for pics before they all fall to the ground (the leaves, I mean).

-The 2nd Trimester of the pregnancy has been sooooo much better! I've been told by a couple of people that it's a boy cause my butt's getting bigger (thanks so much for noticing) and others think it's a girl for various reasons. We find out on 11/11 who's right. I'll let you know. Either way, I'm feeling a lot better and am glad that I haven't traded my morning sickness for heartburn right away like I did with Ella.

-I had a great weekend for one of my friend's birthday at her parent's lake house. We had a big party on Friday night, then kicked everyone out by 2am, and then four of us girls enjoyed hanging out in our pajamas all the next day. So wonderful! Ella was visiting Nissi and Papa John until Sunday, so Brandon and I spent Saturday night on a great date! We went here and here. Then we came home to a warm fire and some Russian Tea.

-Apostle Ron has been doing an awesome series about a Fatherless Generation. Check it and the new RWOC website out here.

RWOC Find Your Place

-Ella was the most adorable monkey for Halloween. We had a great time. On the Wednesday before Halloween, Brandon and I dressed up for Scream Arena (youth group) as an oven with a bun in it (me) and a chef "bun maker" (him). We used it to announce to the kids our own bun in the oven, and they all were super excited. On Friday, Ella got dressed up and we went to two houses next to us. Our neighbors, Bob and Sue, had a special bag of candy for me....er, her. Then we had Rodney, Marla and their son, Ethan over for burgers and a friendly game of Phase 10 (which I won).

-We stood in line today for an hour and a half to vote. I was glad that my last name no longer starts with an M, but a B because the A-K line at our polls went MUCH faster than the L-Z line. With a 15 month old in tow, every minute counts.

-My Mom went back into the hospital for a week, and is getting closer to being on the list for a double lung transplant. Please pray for a miracle. Also pray for her doctors to find the right anti-rejection medicine for her so she can actually get on the list!

-We are getting ready to go on our first cruise! I'm looking forward to endless food options, snorkeling, white sandy beaches, clear water, and a chance to REST. I'm not looking forward to missing Ella for almost a week. But I think I'll manage. The grandparents get to divide her time between them.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, you have been busy! How do you find the energy? I'm still lost in pregnancy nap-ville over here. At least the morning, errr all-day sickness has passed. I'm almost 16 weeks!

Hubs and I are planning a little getaway to G'ville this weekend. We should arrive Friday afternoon / early evening and stay through Sunday lunch. Are you guys free at all?

PB & J said...

I feel so loved;) Can't wait to hear what the next Baby Berry is:)