Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here we go again!!!

We had an ultrasound appointment today and I almost missed it! Due to a long story which I'll get into later, I made it to the Dr.'s office 9 minutes past my scheduled appointment, and was told, "You just made it! I was about to have to cancel your ultrasound!" There were 5 scheduled in a row, so the poor Ultrasound Tech was swamped and couldn't afford to get off schedule.

It's a good thing that we made it, though, because we had a great time seeing our DAUGHTER for the first time!

Ella's gonna have a little sister! I was thinking about this, and although I didn't have sisters (or brothers for that matter!), I can imagine what their relationship might be like through the years and what we will have to do with all this estrogen! Poor Brandon, he's really outnumbered now! But he's a proud papa, and we figure with as good as Ella has turned out, we're glad to welcome another girl into our lives.

Sisters can wear matching monogrammed dresses and hair bows on holidays and Daddy won't think they're sissys.

Sisters can play house together and dolls and dress up and all sorts of things that girls just LOVE to do. They will always have a friend to play with right under the same roof!

Sisters can giggle, laugh, and tell each other secrets. Especially after bedtime when the lights are out...instant slumber party every night!

Sisters can trade and borrow each other's clothes...though I've seen this become the source of many arguments for my friends who have sisters.

Sisters can look out for each other through school and be there for one another when trouble with boys or friends happens.

(I'm hoping) Sisters can assist each other on many game-winning goals on the soccer field!

Sisters can both be daddy's girls.

Sisters can both be mom's friend (when they get older, probably).

Your turn! What else can sisters do?


Anonymous said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! Two little girls!

Sisters can give their Barbie dolls matching haircuts whilst playing "beauty shop." On a side note: I tried (in vain) to FORCE my little brother to participate with me in my Barbie haircut attempts by donating his own head of hair. Thank the Lord he didn't oblige!

Leslie said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear the news! Wow! 2 girls, what fun that will be! When is your cruise? Hope we get to meet up with you soon!
Take care~ {Hugs}~Leslie

uncle carl said...

sisters can wish for 2 brothers,congrats to the berry family from uncle carl,aunt kathy and jake. we love you guys and we miss you all

Lauren Blake said...

Congrats coley I am so excited for you guys. What a gift from God. We are in florida and it is such a joy to see my sister's four daughters who all sang God Bless America for us and put on a show. It was so much fun to see their delight and how they work together. You will have a blast.