Monday, May 12, 2008

The Big Win

On Friday, Brandon and I went with about 40 other people from the youth group to the Greenville Drive baseball game. I was excited because a) I'd never been to a game, and had been wanting to experience an evening at the beautiful ball park in the West End of downtown and b) I was looking forward to more fun time getting to know the kids...every minute counts with them! They were wonderful, and I have been very impressed with how well behaved they are for the most part. Of course, they are teenagers, so there has to be a dumb move every once in a while, but that's all part of the fun, right?

So, Brandon and I were strolling through the stadium, eating all the food that is not on my eating plan and stopping every so often to chat with groups of our kids wandering to and fro. We came across a table that was set up for an upscale spa called The Spa at West End. Now, before I ever met Brandon, and especially right after I graduated college and was making good money and had very little bills to pay I would treat myself pretty often to excursions to spas such as this one. I loved having a mani or pedi, reading magazines while I had my hair highlighted every 6 weeks, and could really enjoy an hour long massage. That, of course, dwindled as I got into ministry, my salary plummeted (*which was really okay with me cause I was doing something I loved to get out of bed to do!), and then of course, when I married B. After we moved to LA and a hair cut and color was almost $200, I went an entire year without a haircut, or so much as my nails being painted by anyone but me.

Back to the stadium: so at the table sat two cool gals who told us we should sign up to get in on a drawing for a mother's day prize package. Laughingly, we both filled out an entry form with my info, and told them we better not be getting a ton of spam emails this week. They said that it was for a all-day spa treatments, and that they'd be drawing a semi-finalist soon. I thanked them in advance for picking my name, and made a big deal out of wadding it up and putting it in the basket...We'd pass them again and again, and I'd be really dramatic with the wink, wink!

Well, a funny thing happened. We were sitting with the group in the stands trying to get everyone in the stadium to do the wave, when all of the sudden I heard someone on the loudspeaker call my name. I guess I got picked! That was confirmed at the table and I was told that I had to come back the next day (they'd give me free tix) for the final drawing.

So, Saturday after a day of family reunion-ing at the river property, I dragged Brandon and Ella down the mountain to get to the baseball game. My second time there and all within 24 hours! I met up with the girls at the table and the other 4 finalists. I had to write my name down on another piece of paper. I put "Nicole Berry is the winner!". We went down on the field, and some Drive representative with a cool microphone voice drew the name out...

Nicole Berry is the winner!!!!
I seriously won! And this wasn't just some hokey prize. No sir...it's the most bomb-diggity Mother's Day hook-up ever!

My prize is worth over $800 and includes:

Custom Blend Aromatherapy Breathing Ritual
Napa Valley Grape Seed Tea Bath
Signature Scrub with Vichy Shower
Warm Stone Massage
Replenishing Facial
West End Spa Pedicure
Express Mini Manicure
Complete Hairstyle revamp including cut, color, style and products
Complete Makeup revamp including makeup lesson and special occasion makeover
Luxurious robe to take home
Spa Cuisine Lunch

They said reserve the entire day to be pampered. I'm also going to be on the news, in a press release and on their website with before and after pics and a write-up! How fun is this?

I practically fell out right there on the field. I don't think I've been that excited in a loooong time. Hopefully they can give me a picture or two of my reaction cause one of the girls took a couple of shots.

Brandon got really excited, too. For Mother's Day besides the ultra cool t-shirt he got me that I've been wanting, he also wrote in my card that on the day I go to the spa, he's shipping Ella off for the night and next day, taking me out for a romantic dinner downtown and then we're staying here!

So my Mother's Day has been a homerun and I'm so excited to share with you more details of my fun day at the spa!


PB&J said...

HOW FUN!!!! I'll take Ella!!!:)...so excited for you! I had a great weekend...see you on Sunday!

The Blake Family said...

all i have to say is WoW, enjoy!!!

Patrick said...

Way to go, you deserve a day of pampering and time with your husband!
Love, Shannon

Huckaby Fam said...

BULL!?!? I know that's crass, but GOODNESS! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. I am so excited for you :)

TitansFan said...

You lucky girl! I just had a massage on a Vichy Massage Table for the first time. It is heaven and a half. I need to get one installed at my house. I'm sure my wife could be taught how to use it.