Friday, January 25, 2008

Why It Was Worth It...

This is my Mommom...Actually, she's Ella's Mommom, too. Even though she is her great-grandmother, we didn't have to come up with a new name. Mommom is 80 years old, lives in Philadelphia, and hasn't yet seen Ella...until this trip.

Check out the progression. Brandon really caught it with our new camera as we brought Ella in to meet Mommom for the first time.

I think they like each other. This is the moment that made our hellish day in the airport worth it. But wait...there's more. We also spent time with more family members, and I'll show & tell you more about that later.


Huckaby Fam said...

I cannot believe you ran into Bear at the airport! It is such a small world, isn't it. What a trip, Coley!

Hey, I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog, so check it out. I know you have a ton of free time, ha ha ha :)

PB&J said...

Like that CUTE outfit she's wearing...i need to check out the baby GAP again and see what cute new outfits she just has to have:) Love ya'll!