Sunday, December 16, 2007

What Ella Thinks of the 3 Time National Champs...

Pepper came down this week to help out with a party that I was throwing, and to spend some time with us and her favorite niece. As always, she came bearing gifts (a wild perk of being her first and only niece!). This time, it was an Appalachian State t-shirt.

Pepper and John both graduated from App State and still live in Boone, NC about 5 minutes from campus. App State has been, in the past, a big rival for our beloved Furman Paladins. When Brandon played football for Furman, the App State game was usually the most exciting. However, I'll be quick to admit that it's been a WHILE since we've beat the Mountianeers. Still, we like to keep the rivalry fires burning with John and Pepper even though we know the truth.

Well, the Apps have done it again. They made it to the national championship, which was played on Friday night while we were at the Redemption Gala (Brandon's office Christmas party). Pepper was babysitting and of course wanted to take advantage of our new cable system, so she and Ella could cheer on her alma mater together. Of course, all good fans need a t-shirt to sport while watching the game. Both had theirs on.

But apparently, Mom and Dad have already taught Ella what to do when she comes across a rival...SPIT UP ON IT!

Not only did she christen her own shirt, but also her favorite Aunt's shirt, too!
As a side note, the App State Mountaineers went on to win their third consecutive national title. So, fan or not, they deserve a nice round of applause...

...even from a Paladin.

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PB&J said...

SUCH A CUTIE!!! I'll keep working on her Mountaineer Spirit!!! It was a wonderful weekend. Love ya'll. Can't wait till next time!