Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grove Park Inn

Our friends, Jodie and David Smith (Avery's Parents) have a tradition of going to the Grove Park Inn every year at Christmas time in order to enjoy the deocrations, atmosphere, and of course, the gingerbread houses that were entered in the National Gingerbread House Competition. This year, they invited us to join along.

We had a trio of older couples, you know...the ones where the women all wear Christmas sweaters and the men walk around with cameras around their necks...approach us as we were about to take pictures by this sleigh. It's in one of the two giant fireplaces in the inn, and there are about 5 lighted trees and a nice scene. So these people must have an affinity to babies or something, because they hung around us for a good half hour...every time we thought they'd go on, they'd come back to look at the babies again or ask the typical baby questions. The men offered to be our paparazzi...with our camera, the Smith's camera and their own cameras. Apparently, the guy who had my camera has a day job he's not planning on leaving because this was the best shot he could get. Notice the large amounts of rock fireplace, small amounts of lighted Christmas trees, reindeer's rear, and the flash umbrella that the real photographer left all framing us...wow!

We also got pics of each family....

The Berrys

The Smiths

And this is our little Russian baby that we picked up...at GapKids. Thanks to Grandma (Mama Nissi).

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