Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Ever-Expanding Belly

My friend, Shannon, is about 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. She just found out she's also having a girl, so baby Berry can have a little friend! this picture was taken when I was 20 weeks 3 days. You can see in the background a picture of our friend, Carrie, who has two children, when she was about 24 weeks pregnant with her daughter. It's a lot more fun to be pregnant with friends (I know about 10 other girls who are expecting as well!)

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Anonymous said...

YEAH! I was hoping for some belly pics. You are such a cute little pregers lady, Coley! I was sort-of cute with Joshua. With Jaden, however, I looked like a mis-shapen whale. It was scary! You know who else is expecting? Pearce Triplitt Butcher. It will be her second. You guys are due about a month apart too. Please keep posting more pics of your cute self, okay?