Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Shondrella Avery is her real name. And ole LaFawnduh paid us a visit at the Angelus Temple on Saturday night. Our Saturday Night Redefined service is for teens, college students and young adults. This month is Dynamite January, and every Saturday has focused on a different character from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. On Saturday 1/21, the focus was Kip, who in the movie is this pencil thin moustache wannabe cage fighter who lives with his aunt and his ghetto fabulous girlfriend (LaFawnduh) whom he met in an AOL chatroom.

So someone on staff at the Dream Center had the bright idea to see if we could get a few actors from this hit movie to grace us with their presence at a service...and what do you know, it worked!

Shondrella and her little brother, who also had an extra part in the movie, were in attendance on Saturday night. May I just say that I was highly impressed with this woman. When asked to come on stage, she was so gracious and poised and gave the audience a great message about believing in yourself and going for your dreams that went perfectly with Brad's message on Kip. Afterwards, she stayed, taking pictures and signing autographs with all who wanted to meet her.

Brandon and I aren't what I would consider star struck. In fact, it is a bigger deal for us to get 10 minutes with one of our pastors to pick their brains that to sip frappacinos with Cameron Diaz or 'Brangelina'. I know that maybe Shondrella wasn't the biggest star of the movie. I know that she isn't the biggest name in show business. But you know what, I'd rather spend an hour with her than some of these young bucks who have made it big and are now too hot to handle. We so appreciated her kindness and effort, her desire to encourage our young people and her bright smile. It made our service extra special and we are thankful!


Amy G-side said...

oh my gosh...y'all are so cool!! I think Allyson would pee her pants if she got to meet anyone from that movie!

wish y'all could have been at the launch. It was just amazing!!

love you guys.

April said...

How awesome is that?!

I think LaFawnduh was my favorite in that movie...I mean, really. You gotta have it goin' on to get a guy like Kip. She's my hero.

It's cool to see different avenues churches are using to share the love of Christ.

All I have to say is "SWEET".

shannon phelps said...

Hey you two! What a creative theme, and wow, that really looks like Lafandah... It was good to talk with you Cole!!! I miss you girl... Keep up the hard work, in due season, you'll reap a harvest! I'll pray for you both :) Love, Shannon