Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

Okay, rather than bore you with the minute details of the rest of our trip, let me just go on to say that we enjoyed our Christmas Day with my parents and also with the Johnston family (we stayed at their home while Mom was in the hospital). Mom got out on the Wednesday after Christmas, and we made it up to Columbia to help them get readjusted before making our way to Greenville (for church at Redemption) and finally back to Hendersonville. By this time, we were plenty tired of driving, but were excited to be in Brandon's home town for his BIRTHDAY! The Berrys enjoyed an afternoon of bowling, throwing peanuts on the floor and eating steaks! Brandon's now officially in his mid-twenties, at 24.

We spent New Years with our friends in Atlanta, and besides feeling a little run down from the long hours of driving and staying up late, we had a great time laughing and eating and readily beating everyone at our favorite game, Sequence.

New Year's Day allowed us some time with the Pophams. Randall used to be Brandon's high school youth pastor, and is now the Sr. Pastor of Lanier Hills Church in Gainesville, GA. We enjoyed the service and lunch with the family.

The final days of our tour were spent sleeping off some fevers, vegging out with my parents, and enjoying our final days of being able to order sweet tea in restaurants.

We made our way to Charlotte to spend time with Ryan Carson and Chris Lusk before flying out early the next morning.

We had a nice time at home, but boy are we glad to be back in LA!

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Amy G-side said...

Hey you two! Just thinking about you and missing you. I hope things are going well with your mom, Nicole. We had a scare with Naeem's dad this week, but the surgery on his heart went well and now it is just the road of recovery. Hopefully this time will bring him to the feet of Jesus.

Wish you could be there tomorrow for the big day. I'm up writing at 2:00 am because I can't sleep. Too much going on inside my head!

Laura Gregg is visiting. She said she got in touch with you. That is awesome! She has been a huge encouragement to us.

hope to hear from you soon!