Tuesday, July 19, 2011


God's an on-time God...just not on MY time! 

It's funny that when you least expect it, things happen. I remember when I was 25 years old and finally gave God my singleness, content with whatever He had for my life whether it be alone on the backside of Africa or in a suburban home with a family as a stay at home mom. I stopped "looking" for "the one". And a few months later, "the one" found me! 

That is kind of what happened with this house. We had been looking for "the one" by putting our house up on the market FSBO for six months. Like many of my pre-Brandon dates, that didn't work. Lots of looks, no commitments. Then we hired an agent, and thought things would move quickly from then because she had a go-getter plan. Unfortunately, we saw LESS people coming to see the house than we had before, but instead of getting frustrated, we kind of left it up to God and took our hands off the thing. Our hearts weren't pounding as we cleaned before each showing. Maybe that was because we had been cleaning like madmen for almost 8 months and we were straight up TIRED!

We went on a mini-vacay. Well, just me and Brandon. It's not really a vacay with a two year old and a three year old. If you've never had a two year old and three year old at the same time, you don't know, so don't judge. We just got away for 24 hours and left the girls with a capable sitter. We came home on a Sunday and scooped the girls up to take them to church because we had to observe children's ministry that day (oh, did I mention we are starting a church in T-minus 5 weeks? Crazy amounts of work to be done, people.) By the time that service was over, we were donesky. Exhausted. All we could think about was taking a Sunday nap as soon as we got home.

Wouldn't you know that as soon as we put the girls in the car to get on the way home, the phone rang and it was the showing service from the real estate agency. They wanted to show the house that afternoon. How inconvenient! Our bodies were screaming to us, "say NO this time! Take a nap!" We hadn't even really seen the house since we'd been home...how dirty was it? What would it require tons of work to get it show-ready? That would definitely be cutting into our much needed naps. Well, needless to say, we worked it out, cleaned it up a little (thankfully, our sitter kept it pretty dang clean!), and still got a quick nap in before they showed up. 

The showing was at 4:30pm. The offer came at 5:15pm! Hallelujah! The inspections, appraisals and other hoops have been jumped through. Lord willing, we close August 10.

Next step was to find a place to live. And, we just got word that even though we've had a tough time finding an adequate rental in the area of Charlotte we want to live in up until now (houses are getting rented within hours of going on the market! We literally looked at multitudes of homes and had even considered moving into an apartment for a while so we wouldn't be homeless in August!), we did just get a lease on a nice three bedroom + bonus just five minutes from where the church will be. 

Just in time. 
Thanks, God.  

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