Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where the heck we've been...July

In July I surprised Brandon with a trip to Summerville to see one of his all-time heroes in the faith, David Hogan.
(that's him in the middle with the salt & pepper buzz cut and goatee. He's a bad mammajamma.)

Jo-D Hogan and others pray for Brandon

Brandon's parents and Nikkie came with us as well. Nikkie got to ride on John's motorcycle!

Had the girls all dressed up for July 4th...Festive and darn cute if you ask me.

Brandon, his brother and their dad went on a camping/kayaking trip down the Chatooga River.
(Pepper stayed with me and the girls while they were gone...thank the Lord for her cause I wouldn't have made it alone!)

After the boys got back safely, we were all able to celebrate John Channing Berry's upcoming arrival at John & Pepper's baby shower in Hendersonville!

We took a mini vacation to Mt. Pleasant and Isle of Palms and stayed with my mentor, Leesa, and her family, the Northrups where we were thoroughly spoiled in every way. Dave and Leesa cooked, entertained, and even babysat. Their oldest son and his family had just been transferred back to the Charleston area, and had moved in temporarily until they get a house, so their 18 month old, Trig, served as a ready playmate for both Ella and Allie. I forgot our camera, but here's them playing in the backyard.

Finally, my dear friend from college came down with her two beautiful children to hang out. She lives in Kansas, but was visiting family in Highlands, NC which is about 2 hours away. We actually got all the kids down for a nap at the same time (a miracle?) and had some sweet catching up time.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, sweet friend! Love the photo up top. So cute! How's your mama?

Lauren Blake said...

love the new opening photo. had such a great time with you and your precious family.