Monday, September 08, 2008

A New Fall Tradition...

My friend, Kelsey, gave us a great idea to go up to Hendersonville and pick our own HoneyCrisp apples at Sky Top Orchard. I had never been apple pickin' before, and for some reason even through he grew up about 10 minutes from this little gem of a place, Brandon hadn't thought about it as a family outing destination. But he was happy to take his girls up and we had an awesome day.

We started off with a few pictures. Ella had on a new pair of shoes and was looking especially cute. Somehow she just knew to stand up tall for Daddy to take her picture by this growth chart. Maybe we'll get a new pic every year. Right now, it looks like she's about 2.5 feet tall.

She was really an angel the whole time. She loved riding on Daddy's shoulders and checking the place out.

But I think her favorite part was sampling the merchandise! I know that this is probably making many mommies gasp ("choking hazard, choking hazard"), but she got a hold of this apple and went to town on it. She ate the entire thing bite by bite (with mommy and daddy ready to jump in if any choking occured). When we got nervous and tried to take it away from her, she screamed to the treetops and made it quite clear that she wasn't done yet.
She ended up finishing off about 1.5 apples before we finally pulled the plug.

The only thing that we could find to distract her was a delicious just-made apple cider doughnut which the three of of split.

We got some beautiful apples and then headed down the road to the Wrinkled Egg, which is a cutie little gift shop that we pass every time we go to the Berry's house but have never actually checked out. It was wonderful to just have time to enjoy perusing the stores.

Afterwards, we went down the road to Saluda where we ate at the Green River BBQ Pit. Brandon had gotten it in his head that morning when we had discussed the possiblity of going up to Hendersonville, and it was indescribably wonderful to watch the satisfaction on his face when his craving came to fruition. We had an awesome dinner there and then stopped at Cold Stone Creamery when we made it back to Greer. Ella enjoyed her first Cold Stone experience immensly, but unfortunately I didn't think to bring the camera in to capture the moment.

The next evening, I tried my hand at my first Apple Crisp, and by golly...it turned out to be pretty good if I do say so myself.

I would like to officially say that this trip got me into the Fall Mood and I am excited that my favorite season is once again on its way.


PB & J said...

I must say that I have the cutest niece on the face of this planet!!! She is absolutley precious! Love the new pics.

The Blake Family said...

mit looked like you had such a fun day. I wish noah, harrison and Paul could have joined you. by the way, I let noah eat apples too, he loves to bite into things.

Krystel said...

My heart has melted into a puddle on the floor because Emma is so ridiculously adorable!

Hope Bray said...

Hey girl!
I have not checked your blog in FOREVER (anyone's for that matter:) & wanted to thank you for your shout out to Blink!!! Ella is so stinking cute!!!!

Shannon said...

Love it! Don't you remember stopping on the side of the road at buying that apple cider that was not pasterized....so not good! But great memeories!
love you, Shannon

Jennifer said...

We love Sky Top Orchard. We are headed there soon too! Will we see you at FU homecoming?

Jenn Link

Ashley Fazal said...

Hey Nicole! Just checking in on your life! Miss you - hope some day that the Lord will let our paths cross again. We were in Greenville on Saturday (just for a few hours, though)