Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the saddle again!

Grammy and Pappy decided that they were feeling up to a little road trip, and came up to Greenville for a day. We ate, laughed, and enjoyed a little baby therapy.

Pappy was certainly having no problem picking up Ella even though he had had hip surgery two weeks before! It was amazing to see his recovery. He is feeling great, and has been a much better patient this time around than last time he had his hip replaced. We are glad for that because he and Grammy are moving up to Duke soon to get on the list for a double lung transplant, and we need him to be as healthy as possible so he can be a good support.

Speaking of Grammy, she sure did enjoy licking the whisk when Mommy made butter/sugar cookies...See?

Auntie Jodie brought my friend Avery over and this time, I had the better of her. I don't even think she knows what hit her. She probably thinks it was the giraffe on my new jungle gym, but it was....me! This is a picture right before I punched her. Ha! Score's tied, Smith!

Ella 1 Avery 1

I sure do love my Grammy and Pappy!

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