Monday, August 27, 2007

Life is sooo sweet!

I must admit that the beginning sentences of my thank you notes these days are less than original..."Life has certainly gotten sweeter in the Berry household since Ella's arrival"... I try and try as I may to come up with something equally as clever, but alas I cannot put into words any better than that the description of our life. We are so blessed. Ella is such a gift. Every day with her has been pure joy, and the thought of being her parents for the rest of her/our lives is simply wonderful.

We have been learning so much about God...his role as our Father who loves us unconditionally, through this new experience.

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Anonymous said...

Coley! What a treat to hear that you are enjoying motherhood and your sweet baby girl so much. Having Joshua was such a HUGE adjustment for me, and I am not the best at dealing with change. So, I am thankful that things are going more smoothly for y'all :) We pray for you all the time!