Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Writing Crunch

Oh Fuller...

These days are filled with a lot of
<---This and not so much of --------->

It's finals week, and we are plenty busy with writing papers and taking exams. It's amazing how much work can actually get done when you're shut up in the library for 10 hours at a time. We should look into doing that on a more regular basis...we'd be so much more productive! Nah...then we'd officially be nerds, and we can only stand that term if we know 'it's just a joke' (don't tell us it's true...even if you think so).

We're flying home on Saturday to good ole South Carolina:

Home of sweet tea (that means you put sugar in it), collard greens, country roads without traffic

And especially those we love...

Praise report! Mom has made it home from the hospital, and is now recovering nicely, it seems. We will be at home for the next week or so helping out with that recovery, providing much needed help to Dad with some of the 'nurse's duties' (aka...giving him a break) and hopefully bringing God's love and encouragement to them.

Pray for us as we finish this sememster, that we would finish well and be prepared to serve my family back at home during their time of need.


Nicole and Brandon

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